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  • Subsidized housing
    As a part of Ferrexpo’s employee housing program, a modern 212 apartment block was built. Qualified employees of the key professions receive a low interest mortgage so that they can purchase a flat while Ferrexpo acts as a guarantor.
  • Medical insurance
    The program covers expenses for medicines as well as inpatient and outpatient treatment for all the employees regardless of their period of employment.
  • Health improvement program
    Program is aimed at health support and healthy lifestyle promotion. The employees enjoy the right to attend free-of-charge the swimming pools, gyms, tennis courts and improve their health in the best Ukrainian health resorts together with the family members (90% of the treatment voucher price is sponsored by the company).
  • Training
    To remain sustainable and innovative business entity, FYM believes it is essential to help the young generation unlock their personal and professional potential and thus makes significant investments in education, training and development. This program covers professional study at all levels, occupational retraining and refresher training for the employees as well as corporate financial support to the employees` children obtaining education on professions in demand.