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FYM considers continual training to be a key component to its employee development program seeking to enhance the employees’ professional competence, skills and advanced economic thinking, which are essential to underpin the sustainable operations for the decades to come. Training is conducted in several directions:

  • development of interpersonal skills and personal qualities (“soft skills”);
  • professional training: basic training, refreshing, professional development, training aimed at work permit obtainment or competence assessment, mastering of allied professions (“hard skills”);
  • apprenticeship / practical training for students and graduates;
  • induction training upon employment;
  • health and safety training.

Professional training is carried out at Ferrexpo Poltava Mining (FPM) training center, teaching staff of which is both experienced FPM & FYM employees and external teachers.

Apprenticeship / practical training for students and graduates is a common practice within the company; the best students, who performed well during the practical training at FYM, have chance to get an employment offer after graduation.
As labour safety is the number one priority – health & safety training is the main focus of attention.
To enhance both “soft skills” and professional knowledge, FYM employees attend seminars, training programs, conferences, exhibitions.
Introductory training is intended for the newcomers to get acquainted with the company`s culture, policy, day-to-day operations by means of lectures, video tutorials and self-study.
FYM practices an individual approach to every employee development. Thus, we launched personnel assessment using 9-Box matrix – an advanced talent rating tool for evaluating & retaining the company’s talent pool, developing internal pipeline of talent and planning of succession. This proven method helps us assess current performance and future potential as well as identify strengths and areas to develop for every individual.
Another one tool we use to assess each employee’s contribution is KPI metrics.