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Health & Safety are the utmost priority across all the activities at FYM and H&S performance is one of the KPIs for the executive remuneration policy.
Labour safety
We exert every effort to increase safety awareness and shape a safety-first attitude among both FYM employees and contractors.

  • Every newly hired employee undergoes adequate safety induction as well as further safety training (both in-house and external) as required by the employee’s functions.

Among other means for the safety induction, FYM created an induction video tailored to familiarize the newcomer with the company, give brief overview of its operations and indicate the potential hazardous areas – we are pleased that it received the Best Company Presentation Video award at Safe Labour -2014 video festival held in April 2014 in Kiev by Industrial Safety magazine

  • FYM provides PPE to all the onsite employees – minimum PPE to be worn in all areas of the mine includes hard hat, high visibility vest or jacket, safety boots, safety glasses
  • FYM exercises rigorous monitoring & control of safety matters to maintain zero fatalities level, prevent accidents and improve LTIFR to build a culture of safety and set benchmarks for safety performance across the region in which we operate.

A health and safety management system compliant with the requirements of OHSAS 18001, an internationally recognized standard for H&S management, is under implementation at FYM, which goes far beyond the Ukrainian mandatory requirements. Further step is to initiate certification process for OHSAS 18001.
Occupational health
Since we are sure that health and safety are closely interconnected (an unhealthy worker is an unsafe worker), we adopted proactive approach to health – from preventing occupational illness to promoting general well-being both at work and at home.
FYM initiatives introduced to facilitate sustainable occupational health:

  • Medical screening on hiring and regular health examinations
  • Corporate medical insurance & free medical care for the employees in the company medical centre
  • Established twenty-four-hour medical care at the FYM Industrial Site.
  • Provision of the onsite household utilities and amenities to the employees in the mine office buildings.
  • Provision of complimentary potable water and dairy products (for those working in harmful conditions)
  • Installation of information boards on labour and traffic safety Címke
  • Purchase of the ear noise protection supplies
  • Installation of the air-conditioning systems in crew buses
  • Implementation of professional software for safety induction & testing
  • Vouchers to health resorts & recreation centres
  • Gym & swimming pool subscriptions in Komsomolsk